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  • australian-mom-surprised-with-quintuplets-poses-for-beautiful-photos
    Kim Tucci, from Australia and her quintuplets. Australian Mom Surprised with Quintuplets Poses for Beautiful Photos Having a child is already a blessing. But what if you were given more -- like Quintuplets babies? Meet an Australian couple Kim and Vaughn Tucci and they are already parents of thre... READ MORE

  • bridesmaid-of-the-year-epic-photo-goes-viral
    Janessa James aka “Bridesmaid of the year” Bridesmaid Of The Year Epic Photo Goes Viral Janessa James is a Brigham Young University student and has become a wedding expert as she was able to attend not only a few but twelve weddings as a bridesmaid. She became "bridesmaid of the ... READ MORE

  • this-couple-waited-70-years-to-take-their-wedding-photos
    The Romaire’s: Forever in Love This Couple Waited 70 years to Take Their Wedding Photos What is an occasion without any photos or -- it feels incomplete right? As photos are the only memories, we can hold onto. High school sweethearts Ferris and Margaret Romaire had a 15-minute simple cerem... READ MORE

  • hurting-owl-in-the-wild
    Owl rescued by woman and her family. Hurting Owl In the Wild What would you do if you see something different on the side of the road? Would you go and check it out or would you continue driving? For Marcia Wilson and her family, who was driving along an Oklahoma highway saw something moving on t... READ MORE