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  • The key to the hearts of a group of turtles living in Singapore Botanic GardensTurtles Line Up For A Scrub Turtles Line Up For A Scrub What is the key to the hearts of a group of turtles living in Singapore Botanic Gardens? One loving visitor found the secret - a brush. Turtles speedily e... READ MORE

  • The best dog photos of photographer Kristýna Kvapilová, Czech Photographer Shares Her Best Dog Photos Ever Taken 21-years-old Kristýna Kvapilová is a professional dog photographer from the Czech Republic. When taking photos, she uses Canon 5D Mark IV. When she ta... READ MORE

  • Amazing octopus nursery with hundreds of brooding creatures Is largest ever discovered. World’s Largest "Octopus Garden" Discovered  Recently, scientists discovered a massive nursery of deep sea octopus in Monterey, California. Approximately two miles below the surface ... READ MORE

  • Crows help clean a French theme park by picking up trash. Amazing Crows at Theme Park are Trained to Pick Up Trash There are many intelligent animals that can be easily trained. And one of them is birds. Owners teach them to talk, sing, dance, count, imitate sounds and they can even do chores!... READ MORE

  • Squirrel eating the pumpkin. Animals That Help Protect Your Garden Growing food is one essential skill everyone should know to survive. During the time of our ancestors, every one of them had the knowledge and ability to grow crops and plants. They had different kinds of strategies to ensure g... READ MORE

  • Friendship of a fox and hedgehog. Unlikely Friendship of a Fox and Hedgehog Friendship doesn't always occur with the same kind, color, and species. There are times that it suddenly blossomed or in other cases, it started rough but ended nicely.  Some matches are made in heaven, as ... READ MORE