Man who built Britain's first DIY natural swimming pool

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David Pagan Butler and his natural pool at his home in Norfolk

Meet David Pagan Butler: The Man Who Built Britain's First DIY Natural Swimming Pool

Have you thought of having an organic pool in your home? A pool that is environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and has low maintenance costs? If you answer yes to these questions, a big thank you to you as you will be helping plants and the animals to condition the water to this natural pool.

Having your own organic pool is possible with the help of David Pagan Butler, the man behind UK’s first natural swimming pool. He was the one who created a natural pool in his backyard and was able to help others around the world to set up their organic pools.

Organic pool that serves as a freshwater habitat

David Pagan Butler,  a filmmaker from Saxthorpe, Norfolk, built a pool that serves as a freshwater habitat that works with plants and animals to provide pure water for swimming.

But how do organic pools work? A pond which in low in nutrients provides a healthy environment for wildlife and a natural pool collaborates with life. One example is a human pathogen, it enters the water, and faces lots of hungry pond-dwelling into these micro-organisms.  Using pond as an organic pool showed that it contained zero organisms of water.

Natural Swimming Pool

A Natural Swimming Pool is a pool that is chemical-free, clear water; and rely entirely on plants and animals to condition the water.

It was tested to check the efficiency of the water, and the result showed that it has the same quality like the drinking water.

David developed a system of building natural pools that are both cost efficient and eco-friendly. His natural pools utilize natural biological processes to keep the water clean again. No smells, no chemicals, pathogen free and you can even drink the water. Amazing, isn't it?

Clean and hygienic water for swimming

Without the use of chlorine, these pool alternatives can lubricate the skin, making the swimmer feel clean and soft.

Some plants that act as a filter include reeds, cattails, water lilies or any other native plants. Though insects or bugs will be attracted to its plant life, the good thing is it will control pests like mosquitoes from laying into the water.

Plunge pool

The plunge pool is a natural swimming pool that is small enough to fit in a garden to bring the excitement of swimming with an organic water.

It covers an area of 48 square meters (6mx8m) with a 2.2m deep swimming or 4 meters by 2 meters plunging zone.

People enjoying the natural pool

David is now teaching other people and even created an informative step-by-step self-build video, with more than five million views on YouTube. Natural pool enthusiasts from places like US, Brazil, Mongolia, Australia, France, Russia, Thailand and many other countries.

He said that people feel restored after using the pools and he has been receiving fantastic stories about the benefits of these organic, natural pools.

For more David's DIY video and manual, please visit

Thank you for this brilliant idea and keep it up, David!

“If you want really healthy water, you want it full of life; not devoid of life.”

- David Pagan Butler

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