Utah Legalizes Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses for Kids

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Kids on lemonade business

Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids Now Legalized in Utah

The ice-cold drink Lemonade was very in demand during summer days. And would you believe that such Lemonade stands are being run by children trying to make some income, whether for personal savings, helping other people, or simply to sell Lemonades for a cause?

Kids exercising their entrepreneurial spirit.

Lemonade stands in Utah have always been a classic example of kids exercising their entrepreneurial spirit – and now, thanks to Governor Gary Herbert for signing SB 81.

The bill, which focuses mostly on lemonade stands and shoveling snow has been reportedly followed a measure that was passed in Salt Lake City four years ago. And thanks to the bipartisan group for the support as this ruling now also applies throughout the entire state.

Kids on Lemonade stand and the SB 81 law

SB 81 law does not require a license or permit for any occasional business operated by children under 18 years of age. Good news is kids will no longer have to worry about putting down their lemonade stands.

Nothing embodies American entrepreneurship than the thousands of lemonade stands.

The SB 81 law also provides some regulatory relief for adults. As per the new law, it will ban local licenses and excessive fees for home-based businesses which are operated occasionally in the State of Utah.

Photo of Kids selling Lemonade with the cops.

This is really a good experience for the children, who at an early age, knows how to value money and earn a few dollars for themselves.

Thank you for giving this opportunity Utah!

“Making money is a happiness. And that's a great incentive. Making other people happy is a super-happiness.”

- Muhammad Yunus

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