Surprise 16th Birthday on Train (Inspirational)

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New Yorker Teen got 16th Birthday surprise by friends.

Teen Gets Surprised 16th Birthday In The Subway

A group of teens throws a surprise party on a subway car with the help of random passengers.

When was the last time you where you did something special for a total stranger? If the answer is "you haven't," it's okay, that is fine. But if it's a "yes," then a big "thank you" to you.

Conniving with people at the subway car to make the surprise party.

Read the story of a group of teens who threw a surprise party in a subway car with the help of random passengers. Meet Addie Weyrich. She wanted to surprise her friend, Jenny Gorelick, who celebrated her 16th birthday. She decided to have the party be celebrated on a New York City subway.

The subway was Improv's favorite place to do pranks. The subway was also an ideal location to do talk shows, pizza parties, and even a wedding proposal.

Birthday girl’s epic surprised/shocked face!

With the help of Impro Everywhere, they were able to celebrate Jenny's Sweet 16 on a New York subway on a train car. Improv Everywhere is known for their video-recorded pranks such as the No Pants Subway Ride. They were inspired to help plan the birthday party when MTV announced the return of My Super Sweet 16.




Birthday banners DIY for Jenny, held by strangers who joined the party

Charlie Todd was the man behind the impromptu party. He explained to Gothamist that they were trying to see if they could get help from the random commuters to work together and throw a party.

In the video that quickly went viral after its release, the birthday girl's best friend came out with the troupe and explained the idea to strangers who were happy to help.

Free cupcakes - for the supportive crowd.

But wait -- hold on for a minute!

The real intention behind this was to see if random commuters can play along.  Charlie wanted to check if it's possible for strangers in a subway car can come together and have a party. Charlie said that he would never get tired of seeing people from different worlds while doing something fun on the train.

Smile! Photo remembrance for the rare and unique Birthday celebration

Is this a prank birthday party as well? It's because Addie and Gorelick were actors. And Jenny's birthday party wasn't a real birthday one. Funny right?

According to Charlie, the best part of that experience was seeing the people smile, laugh and even get hugs from complete strangers. Charlie also mentioned that even if it was a just a prank joke, the party was real.

Were you surprised as well? Thanks, Charlie and the group for this happy and beautiful moment. We got surprised as well!



“An acquaintance merely enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion flatters when all is well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.”

- E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

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