Overweight Labrador Found A New Family Who Helped Him Lose Over 60 lbs

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Overweight Shiloh, 2016

Overweight Labrador Found A New Family Who Helped Him Lose Over 60 lbs

Often, when we see an obese dog or cat or any other animal, we think how cute, and you want to hug them like a teddy bear. But for some animals, in particular for a labrador, being obese can be a major health problem.

Heidi Fiore and her husband decided to welcome a new member to their family after losing their beloved labrador. They saw a post on Facebook about a Labrador who needed a new permanent home and was overweight. So, the couple traveled for more than an hour to meet him.

A sweet and loving dog. He loves to cuddle a lot.

When the staff at the shelter let the dog out from his kennel, and he moved fast towards Heidi and her husband, and they were surprised.

Heidi was saying, "He was indeed the heaviest dog I've ever seen. He looked like one of those huge pigs you see at the farm". And all she could say was, "oh my god!"

A pig or a dog?

Because of the labrador's personality, the couple decided to adopt him. When they went home, even their daughter couldn't believe her eyes, and said: "what is that?"

Heidi with Shiloh.

When they adopted him, he weighed 146 pounds, twice his ideal weight. He was so large that he has difficulty moving around, and he barely fits into the family's van. Aside from that, it would take him around 15 breaks whenever he went for a walk and needed assistance if he wanted to get up on the couch.

What a cute photo:Shiloh was Smiling!

The family named their new member Shiloh, and they knew from the start that they needed to help and assist him to lose weight so he could play and cuddle with anyone without crushing them.

With Heidi's effort and perseverance, she researched about "doggie weight loss." Then they started bringing Shiloh to the vet for his monthly weigh-ins. He even went on a healthy diet, only eating two scoops a day. And for his menu, they gave him food with canned pumpkin and green beans as well as supplements for his bones and joints because being too heavy took its toll.

His weight 2016 compared to 2017

Shiloh also began daily walks as an everyday exercise, maximum of five walks a day. For a dog as heavy as him, he was struggling at first, but as the days went by, it became a lot easier for him and enjoyed every single day of his diet routine.

Shiloh, after two months, he shed about 20 pounds! Shiloh's long-term weight loss journey took about ten months, but it was all worth it. He now weighs 85 pounds and lost a total of 60 pounds since the family first adopted him! Amazing!

Wow! Look at Shiloh now.

Thanks to the Fiore family, who didn't give up on Shiloh. The happy and loving labrador doesn't have any more problems moving around. He is now able to cuddle anyone he likes, walk a mile without taking breaks or rest; and most importantly, he's now happier and more active ever than before!

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

- Robert Wagner

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