A Talented Special Boy Amazes Shoppers With His Beautiful Voice

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10-year-old boy stunned several shoppers in Asda.

A Talented Special Boy Amazes Shoppers With His Beautiful Voice

Being different is quite difficult, not all people understand that there are others that aren't as "normal looking" as they are. But for parents who have special kids, they just wanted what's best for their children.

Just like this mom who was happy for her son who finally feels accepted. Her 10-year-old boy recently stunned several shoppers in Asda, and his video went viral and seen by a million internet users.

10 years old Calum Courtney.

Calum Courtney, 10, who has Autism, sang a flawless rendition of Smokey Robinson's "Who's Lovin You" to a stupefied crowd in a local supermarket. The video was filmed at Asda in Basildon Essex and was uploaded by his Aunt Katy on Facebook.

His mother Tupney Courtney, 34, said: “Calum has been screaming into pillows and running around the house shouting with his little brother in excitement, he cannot believe how much people enjoy his singing”.

Calum auditioned in “The Voice”.

Calum struggles to fit in the world, so it means the world to him to finally be accepted for something.

The boy auditioned in a popular singing competition on TV, "The Voice," but unfortunately was turned down. But he didn't let that smack down his confidence. And amazingly, a music producer wants to write a charity single with him in the new year.

Calum became an instant celebrity, and people begin to take a picture with him.

Calum’s aunt, Katy uploaded the video on Facebook.

The boy loves hearing the sound of his voice when he sings. He is always singing around the house and performing in public has never been a problem, Tupney said.

"He did not realize how good he was until he saw the video, he said: "Mum, I'm actually really good".'

But Tupney revealed that the video was originally only supposed to be seen by his father David, 33, who was at work, before her sister, Katy posted it on Facebook.

Proud mom Tupney with her sons, Calum and Oli.

Calum has high functioning autism - for him, this means blurred social boundaries, struggles with school and difficulties with friendships, but also that enables him to have no fear to get up, and belt out a song - incredible.

The schoolboy is singing in aid of charities, having previously sung on the same stage as Emile Sandé and JP Cooper at the NSPCC Winter Charity Ball in support of the National Autistic Society - wow.

The singing prodigy, from Basildon, Essex, will be in the studio in the first week of January where he hopes to record his first charity single.

Calum and Oli

Tupney said: 'The only way he will know if he wants to do it as a career is if he tries it because it is not easy.

Keep it going Calum! May the force be with you.

“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.”

- Coach Elaine Hall

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