13 Year Old Builds Tiny House Tour

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Luke Thill’s incredible tiny home.

13 Year Old Builds Tiny House Tour

Who doesn't want to own a house? A home you can call your own. Well many of us, a dream of having of owning our own home.

Many kids plan and think of the day when we can move out of their parent's house and finally live on our own. But that milestone came sooner to this creative teen from Iowa who lives in an 89 square foot tiny home in his parent's backyard.

He did household chores to his neighbors in exchange of cash or labor

Luke Thill, a 13-year-old boy from Dubuque, Iowa, built a small house from scratch which cost him $1,500, which he saved from doing part-time jobs like cutting lawns and cleaning garages

Luke made his tiny home for this reason; he liked "minimalism." Despite being so young, he considered building by managing and cutting down the prices by using 75% recycled materials; a leftover sliding window from his grandmother's house, several windows, and his front door was given to him by his uncle's friend.

Luke’s father, Greg guided him in building it.

Luke did most of the work himself but had the help of his father, Greg who guided him along the way. Other people, even the family's neighbor helped him on building the house. They have an electrician neighbor who assisted him to wire the home; a local Scout leader also helped lay carpet in his bedroom in exchange for doing household chores.

Luke did most of the work in building his tiny home.

As young as he is, he learned to make financial decisions, doing trades for labor, framing and wiring his tiny home. According to Luke, he is also looking forward to saving more money so he can build a larger home on a trailer so that he can travel and at the same time, go to college.

Kitchen and living room area

Recently, he was invited to speak at TinyFest Midwest, a tiny home festival to inspire people about his incredible work. He also has a Youtube channel where he records and reports about "living tiny" and show people how he built his home. Where he has now almost 1,000 subscribers!

Thank you, Luke, for being a good example and inspiration to all of us, especially to the young people. Way to go!

“Depend on no one else to give you what you want.”

- Destiny’s Child

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